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Bubbles & Bliss Soap Company Inc.: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Las Vegas

Bubbles & Bliss Soap Company Inc.

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Since we are in a northern climate,  we know a thing or two about cool, dry air & the impact it can have on our skin! After years of trying various products on the market for our dry hands, with very little success, we have come to realize that the best way to fight dry skin was to learn how to make our own products. So we embarked on our green skin care. We reasoned that if what we put into our bodies is very important to how it works, it stands to reason that the same would apply to what we put on our bodies. After all, our skin is our largest organ. Using natural ingredients was where we began. 

Once we had our foundation set, our next step(s) were to determine what type of company we wanted to be. We strive to be an ethically sound company that believes in fair trade. We strive to be low to no waste. Win/win/win is really a good thing for all. 

We source our ingredients & our packaging with this thought in mind. We do not believe in animal testing. Instead, we test our products on ourselves...Yes, soap does sting the eyes...not recommended, at all!

Our products are made in small batches with attention to quality. We use the cold process method when making our soaps, which allows the ingredients to stay at a low temperature. This helps the ingredients to retain most, if not all, of their therapeutic properties (using either essential oils,  fragrance oils that are phthalate & paraben free or they are scent free). Then, our handcrafted soaps are slowly cured for 4-6 weeks. At the end of this process, you have original bars, unique in nature – varying slightly in weight, size & design.  No two bars are exactly alike. 

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