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As an Amazon Seller trying to navigate the jungle that is, there are so many tools at your disposal. Across ads, inventory, supply chain, it can be a bit overwhelming. Mayanalytics is a growth automation platform for Amazon Sellers that helps them focus on what matters most for their business.

With our end-to-end platform, we at Mayanalytics have helped our customers grow their sales from 20% to 400%. We do this by defining, building and operating the system that will fit better for Amazon Sellers and their team. Mayanalytics immediately empowers our customers’ business with data-driven automations, optimizing everything from PPC to inventory forecasting.

- If you’re an Amazon Seller and you want to increase sales to trigger an inventory restock, Mayanalytics can make that happen.
- If your business needs a better understanding of how it is performing, Mayanalytics can also make that happen.
- We can also help you increase your ROAS while helping you scale your business.

Don’t be just another Amazon Seller, become a Super Amazon Seller. Sign up for Mayanalytics today: